How to generate report without an inquiry dialog box

It depends on the report type, version of AX and on which dialog you’re talking about (parameters / print settings).

Please spend a few minutes with a proper description of your problem. Thank you.

Hi Sir,

Ax 2009 … i m talking about printing dialog box …

while i m running the report ( for example :: sales order report ) the printing dialog box will be appear after this we select parameters of criteria button to get final report its regular process …

but my need is to design with out this printing dialog box i want to get directly final report

There is a parallel discussion about a similar problem, also about AX 2009. Check it out here: Report generation.

Hi Sir,

In property i change the settings of interactive is given NO but still i receive the dialog box of criteria

5023.Doc1.docx (248 KB)

I want to create report without getting this two dialog box 1. printing dialogbox

  1. Criteria dialogbox .

you told me refere the report generation post . i change the settings still i receive the dialogbox . i want directly report page without this two dialog box

That’s a third type dialog. It probably means that your query is set as interactive as well. Change it to non-interactive.

Or you have a code there that executes the dialog - check the call stack to the call sequence.

Hi Kavin,

you can use the X++ code to run the report directly without asking for any parameter screen. check below code might be it help you.

SrsReportRunController controller;

EmpYearWiseJoining_Contract EmpYearWiseJoining_Contract; // contract class of report

controller = new SrsReportRunController();


controller.parmReportName(“EmployeeYearWiseCount.AutoDesign1”); //name of report to print


EmpYearWiseJoining_Contract= new EmpYearWiseJoining_Contract();

EmpYearWiseJoining_Contract.parmJoinYear(EmployeeJoinyear.value()); // this report have only one parameter



Hi Sir

thanks for your answer … i got it

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Sorry, I don’t want to get direct e-mails and calls from individual community members. I need time for people who actually pay me. If you really want me to work for your as an adviser or something, you’ll have to hire me.

Ask your questions in this forum and if somebody (including myself) has time and knowledge to answer, he’ll do.

By the way, I’m surprised that your problem with report dialogs in AX 2009 got resolved by a piece of code related to SSRS reports in AX 2012. But it’s up to you to decide whether it was helpful or not.