hi all,

can anyone help me how to convert navision report into excel format?

Thanks in advance.

Save as html and import in excel

hi vikas,

saved it in html, but how do i import in excel?

Open Excel file goto data and click External data- import file than choose what field you want to import

but the alignment is improper, am getting all the pre tags in excel, how to extract as it is??

u should modify it as per your requirment

and u can save file Go to file --save as html–window appear save in than give the file name “name.xls” and save it

Archana, the only way to get consistent, properly formatted output to Excel is to write code.

You can do this using the Excel buffer table. The standard report Trial balance contains code which you can use as an example.

Alternatively, register yourself on the following site:

Then go to Documentation → General NAV and download “export to”. Once you have downloaded it, change the extension type to .rar, and uses WinRAR to extract it. It contains a code unit with an example of how to export GL Budget Entries to Excel.

it’s free with nav2009 RTC :slight_smile: