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I have created report with customer and customer ledger entry intended to it. I’m getting the report as follows.But the name,customer no is getting repeated for each date.Please help me

Posting date Name Customer No Remaining anount


The Cannon Group PLC 10000 164.55

The Cannon group PLC 10000 164.55


08-12-01 The Cannon Group PLC 10000 329.10

The Cannon group PLC 10000 329.10

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On the Customer Ledger Entry line there is no Customer Name. so in the section for the ‘Cust. Ledger Entry’ you will need to add a textbox with a SourceExpr of Customer.Name, this will return the Customers name from the Customer data record.

A good way to see how this is done is to look at existing reports, look at report 120: ‘Aged Accounts Receivable’ and the section TempCustLedgEntryLoop, Header (1)