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How to save the report in word format after i run the report . Please help me.

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You cannot save a Navision report in Word format.

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What is the solution sir. I have to insert the object of the report in excel sheet .Please help me out

Ehhhh, Sorry but if you want to have the report in an Excel sheet, then why do you ask how to save it as word doc?
Why not ask if (and how) you can save it as Excel workbook?

Depending on wich version you’re on, then you might have the possibility to save it as Excel directly.
Otherwise you need to save it as html, and open it with excel afterwards.


Best way export the report in PDF format as you can export the Navision report in PDF format using third party tool such as Acrobat Distilar /PDF creator.

After that you can convert the rpt in Word using third pary tools



If you are using NAV2009 RTC, then you can directly save the report in Excel or PDF.