Report Wont Preview!

There is a pre-made reports that were imported from Navision 2.6 to NAV 5. They need to be compiled based on the objects available in NAV 5 right now. Most of the problems I encountered with this report was to make sure that the record variables are correct and that the fields on some of the records are correct and the automation variables may return a Subtype of “Unknown Automation Server”.

I was able to fix all these errors. Now I am even able to compile the report. However, when I run the report. Nothing shows up (The report is not being filtered, just in case someone was wondering. Please look at the link below to see what I mean) . To figure out what the problem is, I went through the C/AL code of the report and a huge chunk of the code is commented out. So when I uncomment it, I get an error saying a variable is not declared in Global variable. I am not really sure how to fix this error/what the variable is suppose to be named in NAV 5. Or is it as simple as going to Global Variables and create a variable that is causing the error?

Any suggestions how to fix this, so I can get the report to preview?…/WAyqU8uz

Check if the code is also commented in NAV 2.6, if not then you need to insert the global variables missing in NAV 5.

If you could debug the report , then check what filters are being applied, then filter the same in the data item for data avaliablity.