Report with Time of 7:00 on Nav-SQL will not run

A very, very bizarre issue: We have a client who runs a 2.60G database on 3.70 executables (Fully hotfixed to 17) with a SQL database back end. We have made a small modification to the Expand Target Group Report (Report 5090). As part of our versioning policy, we always change the Time for each modified object in the new release in the Object Designer to 7:00:00. When we do this and then try to run the report, we get the following error: “Field No. 7 is not defined in the Prospect/Contact Market Group table.” [?] Change the time to any other time than 7:00:00 and it works! Put it back to 7:00:00 and it fails again! This does not happen to any other object (As far as I can see). This can be replicated as follows: 1.) Take a backup of a standard GB2.60G Cronus database - Restore this into a 3.70 SQL database. 2.) Go to the Expand Target Group Report (Report 5090) - Delete the Contact Data Item, this is not used by the client in question. Put in Contact as a Global Variable to overcome any compilation errors. 3.) Save the Report - Run it and the request form appears. 4.) Close it, change the Time to 7:00:00 - Run it again - It errors! Very minor [:D], but very, very irritating [}:)][:(!]