Report with product sales per Salesman

Hallo, I want to create a report with the total sales of single product’s for each salesman. I have tried a solution with the customer and the Item ledger Entry table. The result here is Ok but I get only detailed sales for each customer. What I want is a overview with all sales from one product in one row for each salesman like this: prod1 qty. amount prod2 qty. amount … We create for each order row a salesman-code with help of dimension values. I can find this code in the table Customer ledger Entry but not in the Item ledger Entry table. Is there someone with a report like this?

I created a similar report in Crystal Reports. I haven’t had the time to do in Navision, but basically I used the Sales Invoice Header & the Sales Invoice Line. The Sales Header Table allows me to select/sort/subtotal by Salesperson. I can also use the posting dates to give me a flexable range in case you need to know by specific dates. Then I subtotal on item# using the Sales Invoice Line. On the subtotal line I put Item#, Description, Qty, UPC or whatever fields you are looking for. The dragging, dropping & creating fields in Crystal is so sweet & easy. This is just a brief overview of another way it could be done. I also find using these table is a bit quicker.

Hallo, Thanks for your answer. I’m shure that its possible to me to bundle this information outside navision. But i have to do it in Navision reports because we are using the orig. navision database and i heard that the ODBC connection isn’t very stabil. What i wanna ask is, is it possible in your report to show only the totals by each Product?

we use the same. the ODBC is very stable when using crystal, it would be nice if it could handle outer joins but it doesn’t right now. I can show totals by product, salesperson, date - whatever i want. the report can be built in Crystal in about 5 minutes. Navision might take longer to build but it can be done.