Report with large descriptions

Hello. I have a sales invoice that has 2 peculiar things: a vertical grid line and a large description in the description field. The vertical lines were kind of easy to make, some C/AL code and some integer tables counting how many blank lines needed to fill the page until the footer.[;)] Now, how can I merge my pretty neet report with those darn descriptions? At a first sight, I need to completly build the report from scratch, because the structure doesn’t access the large descriptions. If I include a dataitem Large Description linking the Sales Invoice Lines, this dataitem will be placed after all the bodies of the sales lines needed to draw the top and bottom of the grid… Is there an EASY way to do this, or a brain storm is the current forecast? [:(] Has anyone did something like this? Thanks

Well depends what you mean by large descriptions. If it is up to 250 chars then just put a text box with several lines and set the property MultiLine to Yes. If it is held in a table then we need to find something else … Cristi Nicola

Hi. Yes it is held in a table. I managed to link the dataitem (this particular table) to the sales line but the layout isn’t pretty good, because of the size of the descriptions… But anyway thanks for the tip. Cheers

Why don’t you try using temporary sales lines records with those descriptions inserting them before printing in the appropiate place… dataitems: sales header sales headers sales line sales lines long descriptions descriptions sales comments comments integer CopyLoop integer PageLoop integer LinesLoop