Report which gives me the stock backdated to s.d.

does anyone knows about a report which gives me the stock backdated to a date in the past ? their is one in Inventory\Items Reports called “Inventory Availability” where you can set a date-filter but the value given in the field “available” seems to be the value for today … it also doesn’t matter if i change the workdate into my past date … any idea ? i tested it with the report in 2.6 !

Hi, This report is having the problem. Infact there is problem in FlowField Calculation formula in Item Table for “Qty. on Purchase Order”,“Qty. on Sales Order” etc. (Calcformula does not have date filter) That’s why applying date filter does work.

Hi, I think in Navision 3.6 they have released some hotfix to correct these problems.(I don’t remember the hotfix no.)

In 3.60 it works. Alberto