Report (Trial Balance) that captures opening balances?

Hi Peeps.

Any idea what report is good to generate opening balance of i.e. 2012?

I tried Trial Balance Report (and the likes) as of 01/01/12, and it also captures transactions posted on the very date.

Example: if opening balance on 01/01/12 12AM and Certain account registered as $1000. By 01/01/12 11:59PM, transactions of $100 posted; the report captures all $1100.

I am trying need to figure out how to print out the opening balance of 01/01/12 of all accounts…and in excel format.


In Chart of Account we have fields called ‘Balance at Date,Balance’ ,just put a date filter and check the balances. So If you looking for opening balances of 01/01/12 then put a datefilter as …31/12/11 so you will get closing balance of 31/12/11 and it will be opening for 01/01/12