report "Trial Balance Detail/Summary"


In object designer when i access this report “Trial Balance Detail/Summary” the Nav freeze…any type of access: Design,Run,Compile…

what should I Do?

I want to modify it …

Thanks :slight_smile:

What is database size ?

Is any maintenance activity done on database for performance improvement ?

Any changes/customization done in the report ?

Hi Oussama,

I have experienced something very similar in NAV 2009. Here I couldn’t even export the object, nor delete it. The only thing that worked was replacing the object with a backup from my development version.

Later I found out that the reason was that my local development system (where the report had been developed) had a more recent build than the version my customer was running. And until I got the customer upgraded to the same version as mine, then the only work-around was to only import the objects as text-files instead of the pre-compiled FOB files.