Report to show which serial number the Bin Content quantity relates to

Hi All,

I have a question which I have looked on this forum for and everywhre on the net but have not been able to find the answer for. I am trying to write a report that displays the Bin Code, Item No, and Quantity from the Bin Contents table. I want to then list the serial numbers that relate to the bin that makes up the total quantity value of the Bin Content. I have got to a point where I list all the warehouse entries relating to the serial number but this obviously shows the negative and positive movements. My question is, how do i filter the serial numbers so it only shows the one that has stock against it. I had a look at the code for the Phys. Inventory list report (722) where this seems to be doing what I want to achieve. But I cannot figure out where it is filtering the serial numbers. If someone could point me in the right direction please. Any help will be much appreciated!