Report title issue with SSRS reports.

HI ,

AX 2012 SSRS reports picks the report title form Menu item . First I created a New SSRS report and then the menu item for that report. I have given a label id for that menu item. After some time I changed the label id for the same menu item. But when I run the report , The same old label is displayed in title bar of the SSRS report. Any fix for this ??


Look at the following link. This might help you.



try to delete your usage data:
RecordTyp: Class
Element name: SRSReportRunController
Element name: YourReportname.Report

this should do the trick. Also helps, if you changed your Query in the AOT.



Try to delete the report related data from SYSLASTVALUE table and SRSREPORTQUERY from SQL server**.**

Then restart the reporting services and restart AOS(if required).