Report shows an Empty

Hi EveryOne,

I was created a CustInvoiceReport in Report.Actually what is the use of this report is shows an minimum and maximum invoice amount in report from CustInvoiceJourTable.In AutoDesignReport am using ProgrammableSection.In that section am using two field minAmount(),and maxAmount().while am running this report shows an empty report…

My fetch Method code is shown below…

public boolean fetch()



queryRun = new QueryRun(this);



custInvoiceJour = queryRun.get(tablenum(CustInvoiceJour));




select maxof(InvoiceAmount) from custInvoiceJourMax where custInvoiceJourMax.InvoiceAccount == custInvoiceJourLocal.InvoiceAccount;

MaxAmount = custInvoiceJourMax.InvoiceAmount;

select minof(InvoiceAmount) from custInvoiceJourMin where custInvoiceJourMin.InvoiceAccount == custInvoiceJourLocal.InvoiceAccount;

MinAmount = custInvoiceJourMin.InvoiceAmount;




return true;


can anyone help me out…thanks in advance…



Please check whether your query returns anything, i.e. whether you ever get to the while loop. Since we don’t know your query and don’t have your data, we can’t know what happens in your system.

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Hi Saravanaa .

Please check are you mention the correct DATASOURCE name for element.send ( DATASOURCE NAME or TABLE INSTANCE NAME)