Report selection on field filtering


I am using NAV 5.0 and would like to filter sales report with salesperson.

Instead of selecting many salesperson codes, I would like to filter out a few salesperson code in the report.

I am trying to use the selection below but still display all salesperson including those (Joe, Jane & Mary) selected as exclusion.

Salesperson code : <>Joe|<>Jane|<>Mary

Only a selection works in the output, for example Salesperson code: <>Joe but not with more exclusion

Is there anyway to display option in the report selection ?

Seeking for advice.



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HI Lee,
Just a few Days back One of Member in Group used Just like above you described …
If you want to exclude Joe,jane &Mary then try like

Let us know it Worked or not

See this link

Hi Raja Venkat,
Perfect, it works as what I requested. Thank you.

What is the difference between these symbols | and & in report filer ?


| is Or and & is And…