Report selection in purchase invoices

On table 122 (Purch.inv. header) I have a new boolean field for self billing. On the form 138 (Posted Purchase Invoices) I have added this field. On the print button I have written code to tell me the value of this field and the result is “YES”. When calling the function “PRINTRECORDS” on table 122 the value of this field is transferred as “NO”. Can anyone tell me what step I am missing as I need the to use the value of this field. On another note, I think this may have something to do with this line of code that I have found,but I cannot work out why this would ignore the contents of the self billing field. The line is: CurrForm.SETSELECTIONFILTER(PurchInvHeader); Edited by - Dean Axon on 2001 Aug 09 15:45:24

Are you setting the value of the field “self billing” in form 138? Do you commit the changes before the PrintRecords is called?