Report Section


How can we hide a section in a report in Nav 2009? Someone please help.


Hi Teena,

How about Visibilty option in RDLC?



Can you please tell me where to find this option?

Hi Teena

place the beloe code at OnPreSection() of the particular setion



Jerome marshal

Yes, if your report is a Classic Report Marshal’s code will do the trick.

For RDLC, there is a property to hide or show the Report Item. The property is Visibility → Hidden. False to make it visible and True to make it hidden. You can also create an Boolean expression to specify the value

e.g: =IIF( 2 = Val , False , True). In previous example if Val = 2 then the Report Item will be visible (Hidden(False)) ELSE the Report Item will be Hidden (Hidden(True))



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