In RTC I need to do report.savetopdf(Path+Filename) where path is a path in a diferent server. I’ve tried everything but it doesn’t save that file on that server, I can save it on navision server, on my pc but i can’t make it save the file on a diferent server.

I had created network connections to destiny folder, I tried to save the file directly on file server, os save it on navserver and then move it to file server, but nothing works…

Hi Galhofa,

Did you try saving it on the server and the renaming it to the share drive once generated?


I had tried that too, but it tell’s me that user have not permissions to write, but the user that i have configure the network drive account is a administrator user for file server and the nav user is too a administrator user for nav server…


Have you tried to save it your PC and then move that file to file server ?