(reportid, true,false,tmptable) lost the filters in navision 2016

Hi Expert.

I got a strange pb.

my code is below:

IF l_Buffer.FIND('-') THEN
IF l_recSalesHdr.GET(l_recSalesHdr."Document Type"::Order,l_Buffer."Create Order No.") THEN BEGIN
IF NOT l_tmprecSalesHdr.GET(l_tmprecSalesHdr."Document Type"::Order,l_Buffer."Create Order No.") THEN BEGIN 
l_tmprecSalesHdr :=l_recSalesHdr;
MsgTxt := MsgTxt + l_Buffer."Create Order No."; 
UNTIL l_Buffer.NEXT = 0;

I can not get the correct result. it shows the whold data report., in fact just should show only some records based on what I selected in a page.

any suggestion will be appreciated.

Hi. We have come across issues with code and using GET on a table’s primary key(s). So we changed to SETRANGE instead and this worked. May or may not be your issue. Hope this helps. Neil

I had the same issue and had to add this setrecfilter code and it took it. Your get statement is correct.



Have you remembered to set the Temporary property to the SalesHeader in the report? Without then it will always display the actual table - not the temporary table.

Thanks All your reply, My question is, I need to loop a buffer table with SO NO. IN IT, what is my idea at first is that I loop the buffer table get the So No. and get related Sales header and insert into a temptable , then, I set the temptable as a fitler to a report which source table is an actual table. But my code is not work. how could I do it ? thanks very much.

Thanks Sbhatbng, I tried, yes it can set one record filter to report, But i need transfer more than 1 record to report.

Hi Erik, I just set the temporary property to be yes in the report,But after i use my above code, i found it show empty. Why? in fact i have records in temp table.

Hi, Erik, I have resovled my pb. I set the temporary property to be yes, and create a function which accept the temproray table from the caller, after get the parameter temptable loop it then insert into the report’s source temp table. then i can show the correct result.

but what I don’t understand, why i use page.settableview(temptable) is ok on lookup tripger of a page, But it is not ok in report ? still this issue, I have tried r50008.settableview(temptable), , this not ok.

Personally I have always used a SET function, created in the report to move my Temporary table into the report, when the report have the Temporary property set. A “normal” run with the Temporary table doesn’t work.