Report Questions..

I have a field on a report that consists of alpha numberic characters (eg aaa 123456). Is there anyway to set it just to show the numeric characters (or say the last 6)? Thanks

Hi, if you want a compressed output of only numeric characters, you can use: DELCHR(Description,'=',DELCHR(Description,'=','0123456789')) in the SourceExpr of the field i.e. Description. if you want a fixed length copy of 6 characters from the end of a field, you can use: COPYSTR(Description,STRLEN(Description)-6+1,6) in the SourceExpr. br Josef Metz

The delchr worked a treat! thank you very much Also tried the copy string function, but this gave error “value not in the range” etc, but the del chr is the preferred method for this anyway! :slight_smile: