Report question

On Nav 5.00 In Report 4 (standard) how can I include Dataitem G/L Register (table 45).

I need one specefic field on my report thst in in this table (45)

DataItem Name

G/L Account G/L Account
Accounting Period
G/L Entry <G/L Entry>
Accounting Period
Accounting Period


Hi Luana,

I would suggest using a variable of type record and use the FIND to find the record you want. Then you can print the value from the record variable

I agree with Dave’s suggestion. You should be able to set the appropriate filters on the G/L Register table to determine the one in which the G/L Entry was posted. From there use that record variable to display your value. Try that and let us all know how it works out.

Hy Matt

I really don’t know how to do it :frowning:

In G/L Entry I have field Entry No. in G/L Register I have fields From Entry No. to To Entry No.

In My DataItem G/L Entry on G/L Entry - OnPreDataItem() how can I build the right filter???

Hi, Try with the following codes :

Create G/L Register as RVGLReg record variable.


RVGLReg.SETFILTER(“From Entry No.”,’<=%1’,“G/L Entry”.“Entry No.”);
RVGLReg.SETFILTER(“To Entry No.”,’>=%1’,“G/L Entry”.“Entry No.”);
IVSr := RVGLReg.“No.”
IVSr := 0;


In this exactly report 4, is there any chance of changing filter date from G/L Account to use only one filter on report on G/L Register table, like Creation Date.

I need this report 4 with Creation Date only. Not with G/L Account date Filter. Is this Possible in this Report?

Thanks, but I must “deny” the G/L Account and G/L Entry filter date, and all report must be generated with G/L Register.Creation Date