Report printing pages


I have a report 6646. And on that report there is a total field. But if I try to print the document. And it haas two pages, then it only prints the total of the last page. And not included the first page. The propertie of total is: TotalextVat. I also include some images.

And You see on the picture that it only prints the total of the second page and not inlcuded the total of the first page.

So how to manage that it prints the total of all the pages?

Thank you.

It seems you have added new TotalExVat field (customized). Please add it in the footer section of Total and set footer section PrintOnEveryPage property to Yes.

Thank you for your reply. But this is the footer of the report. But where I have to place it? Can you mark the selection where I have to put it? Thank you

Oke, I have it now like this: But still it doesnt include the first page

Hi Dileepa. DIt you read my last post?

Dear it must work. I was bit busy. Could you ping me in Skype dileepakb.

You can use Transfooter to show total on the pages. I think total is on page footer.

Hi I have added you in skype.