Report printing extra pages in NAV 2009 R2

I am a user of nav 2009 R2 with classic client and i have one issue in my report

when i am running my report i am getting an extra page and that page contains only the header section so how to remove that page as it is not reqired in my report?

hi Shubham
decrease your section header size (Width,Height),also maintain section body part.

It’s one of the most common issues with reports, no matter if it’s RDLC or classic reports. You even find this issue in a lot of standard reports. At least it’s much easier to fix in the classic reports.
You need to “play” with the header/page sizes as Akkrahul suggests, but you may also have sections that are not printed, but still counts when it’s calculating page length.

I have already done that but still its sowing the same

any other problem which can happen except this ?

You can check if the contents of the reports doesn’t exceed Page Width - Left Margin - Right Margin using the ruler. Also you can try setting the Can Grow property to False for all the report items.

if the extra page is printed independently from the amount of data, then it’s a layout issue.
in that case decrease the width (and/or the margins) of the report sections, also try to decrease height of the header and bottom sections.
many things can cause that behavior.