Report Print with Special Charcter in Value

Dear All,

Kindly Suggest for the below Query.

I have a Dimension Value Code as J&K. But when i am Trying to Print the Voucher with this Value Present in an Entry Report Doesn’t get Printed due to Special Character “&” Present. The Code Written is as follows:-

Ledger Entry Dimension, Body(On Pre Section)

strDimension := ‘’;
rsDimension.SETFILTER(rsDimension.Code,“Dimension Code”);
IF rsDimension.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN
rsDimensionValue.SETFILTER(rsDimensionValue.“Dimension Code”, “Dimension Code”) ;
rsDimensionValue.SETFILTER(rsDimensionValue.Code,“Dimension Value Code”);
strDimension := rsDimension.Name + ‘-’ ;
strDimension := strDimension + rsDimensionValue.Name;

rsDimension = Dimension Table

rsDimensionValue= Dimension Value Table

I want that the Report Should get Printed even if a Value has a Special Character