Report/Print Problem with 2.0

We have a custom report that has been working fine for 4 years. We recently replaced a staff member that uses this report daily. Coincidentally (?) when the IT guy changed the windows profile for the new person on the former employee’s p.c., this report started to print without a “totals” section on the report. She is printing to the same printer as everyone else, and has the same fonts, etc, installed as everyone else, but she is the only one that this is happening to. It is leaving out the “Sales Header Group Footers” when she prints. I argued that it must be a Windows problem (as does our support vendor), but the IT guy argues it is a Navision problem. I should add that when we delete her zup file, she can run the report successfully one time, but the next time it leaves out those group footers. She is using the exact filters as others that can successfully run the report. Anyone seen this before? How did you correct it? We have checked margins, etc. - All the logical stuff. Also, if others log in to her pc, they cannot run the report successfully. And. when she logs on to another pc, she still can’t run it.

Just a wild guess. Could it be that with the printer setup, the programm copies its own fonts to the font directory instead of leaving the original fonts, are replaces some fonts with its own fonts. So the name is the same, but the printer uses different fonts. If navision stores the printersetup into the zup file, than it makes sense that it works only one time. Check if the fonts have the same version, size and date as on the other computer.

We thought of that, but the same font is used elsewhere in the report and those parts still print.