Report Pack Design

Has anyone out there attempted the following and if so , how did you approach it ?? Trying to design a report pack that will automatically print a number of existing reports with customer and date filter, there are additional filters on specific reports Thanks

Hi Gemma We developed a batch report function for a customer. This stored a set of filters for a set of reports and then printed them all. This was designed for easy month end reporting etc. This may or may not apply to what you are wanting to do. Let me know. Craig Bradney Project Manager - Technical Navision Solutions & Services Deloitte Growth Solutions Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu P:+61-2-9322-7796 F:+61-2-9322-7502

I did what I call a “Report Scheduler” 2 year ago. It basically consists of a Batch-header and Batch-Lines. Each batch-line represents one report. Filters can be defined within the batch-line (there’s also a learning-mode where the report is being called and returns the filters set). All filters are fixed with the exception of the date-filter which is calculated. The calculation method of the date filter depends on an option which could read (last month,this quarter, last quarter,year to date etc.) If you want to develop something like that you have to solve two problems: 1) Every report you want to be able to start must have a SetParameter(Var Batchline : Record) as well as a GetParameter(Var Batchline : Record) function in order to set/receive Filters. 2) The Request-Form of every report must have the property “SaveControlInfo=No”. Otherwise the filters passed with SetParameter will be overwritten with the saved values from the report. Having these two issues in mind, it’s not a big deal to create a report-Scheduler. Have fun Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872