Report on User Roles

I have looked, and can’t find a report that will tell me the users I have set up on the system, and the Roles attached to those users.

Is there such a thing?? I filtered for User, Permission, Role and Access, and nothing came up. Am I missing something?

I know that in today’s regulatory environment, there are stingent requirements to monitor who has access, and what they have access to, and can’t quite believe there is no report available. I’m looking in 4.0 SP2 NA.

Are you a End-user?

If so your Solution Centre should be able to provide you with a report.

Its not too complicated and should take them no time what so ever.


Ignore the end user. i just noted this was in the end user forum. I clicked the “Unanswered” part of the main forum.

Ask your Solution provider to get you a report. Any problems come back to me.

Tony if you have such a report, then upload it here in the upload section. The community is all about sharing.

Hi JPoapst,

After discussions and delibirations, I will knock a report up to accomplish your needs, and add it to the upload sections. But since your the one that asked for it, can you let me know a report object number in your license range I can use please?

I won’t beable to get this done till the weekend though mind.


Tony - Full disclosure - I am a consultant, but stuck this in the end-user forum as it is the most active, other than the developer one. I thought it would get the most exposure there, and if there was something obvious I was missing, it could also then be seen by others.

I appreciate your offer, but don’t expect you to do that for me. I just wanted to find out if I was missing something that’s there, but has one of those “unique” names and/or access paths to find. I like the ‘concept’ of the version 4 menu, but after the relative simplicity of versions from 2.5 up, I admit there are still corners in there I haven’t been to.

I have a developer. He’s a bit busy these days, but when I get him to throw a report together, we will share.

Thanks for your offer. I do appreciate it.


Tell your developer he has 15-20 minutes to finish that (including “testing”, having a coffee, having a cigarret). After a short explination what I want my son (15 years) did in in 8 minutes.