Report on Bin Contents

We have BIn’s setup with product items, costs associated with all items but we are unable view the information below in 1 location and 1 uniformed manner so we are duplicating our work by enter the identical information into Excel and reporting from there.

What Dynamics won’t show (or we don’t know where to find it)…

  1. List of all required components with associated quantities for a BIN

  2. List of all components for an order that have been added to the BIN and all components not allocated to the BIN (match physical movement)

  3. List all receiving of incoming material

  4. List of all issued purchase orders, vendor name, requested delivery dates within a BIN

  5. Costing of all materials in BIN

  6. Purchase price of all materials in BIN

  7. We also use Excel to identify assembly process: SMT/TH/MA (surface mount, through hole, mechanical assembly)

Is it possible to do the above in NAV? Thanks

I guess you can do that , just use filer on BIN code in those tables such as :

Bin Content, Warehouse Entry, Purchase line, Purchase Line Archive …etc.

Is there a specific reporting tool you would use?

We are using Classic reports on Nav 2009 , you could generate Excel reports.

And since you know where you find your information ( tables ), you could do that using any tools such as Jet Reports