Report of all sales orders and return orders between two dates

Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing great. I have a query regarding creating a report of all sales orders and return orders between two dates. Including outstanding sales orders plus the sales orders which have been completed and invoiced. There is a standard report which gives you only outstanding orders by customers in detail and there is another one which gives the summary. At the end these report give the total as well. I want the report to give the total of all sales orders & return orders by customers at the end well.

I tried modifying the standard report and saved it as a new report between report numbers 50000 and 50099. I removed the part of the string which says “,Outstanding Quantity=FILTER(<>0))” but still it would give only outstanding sales orders.

Can someone please help me with this.


Murtaza Khan.


Create a new post so you will get answers from forum

Splitted thread and created new post

Thanks guys for the advise. I am new to Navision and new to this forum as well. Appreciate your guidance.

I’ll appreciate if somebody can help me with my query.