Report number


I am doing report … i need to display the object id no of the current report …Example 50000 object id no of Repot name Daily sales

I need to display 50000 , not as a label becuase it’s easy to be done as label . if there is anything to call the object id of the current report .

thank you for your usual help

I never used it but this might help (from NAV online help):


Use this function to return the name of a report.



Data type: text or code


Data type: report


Data type: boolean

The UseNames parameter is optional.

If the parameter is set to TRUE (default value) or if it is empty, the returned string contains the name of the report.

If the parameter is set to FALSE, the returned string (report xxx) contains the number of the report. [:D]

Look at C/AL Symbol Mneu (F5), CurrReport - Properties - OBJECTID in e.g. NAV403

Hi Joreg ,

this is will give me the name of the report … i ve seen this one … I need to display the number for the Report (object no)…

IF any body knows let me know plaease …

there must be anything to calll the object no …???

You are not right. Have you read bold sentence from Joerg post?

Just use CurrReport.OBJECTID(false).

Thank you Joerg …it works … thank thank you … very much

But I get this error msge: the return value should be used for this function.

I used this code on PreReport.


How did you do yours?

This function returns string. You should assign to a variable or use it directly as Source Expression on text box on report section.


thanks for the correction.