Report not show labels


we have a problem with an especific report that dont display labels only for one user.

In this user all other reports are fine unless this (CustAgingReport) and only in this user.

We have tried to delete the user and create it again, reinstall the application client, but the problem persist.

Anyone have another idea? Thanks in advanced.


It seems to be an user preference problem, you should Go to Administration/Users, select your user then click user options button then click data use button, select All use datas tab, in record type column, filter on report, in the name column, filter on the report name and delete all lines, it will reset any customization options set by the user.

Let me know if it works for you and please verify solution if it solves your problem




Thanks by 'ur response. Unfortunately is not the solution. This was already proved.

I give more information if anyone can help us: if the report is printed to pdf or printer the labels appear correctly. It’s only when the report is displayed on screen when not work with labels :open_mouth:


Have checked the User Language in User options.

Change the language and restart the client, I hope it will solve…


Mahesh Amundla

Thanks by your messge Mahesh. The language user is ok (ES), but the labels of this report not showing for any language for this user :open_mouth: