Report Modification

Hi Users, Am modifying a report. Here am getting Zero values for the amount field. I want dont want those zero valued entries in reports. I wrote coding like this

If (Amount = 0) THEN


Wrote these coding in the onAftergetrecord Trigger of the Data Item, Even though those entries are displaying in the report, What to do to clear those entries.Any idea please help me.



In the report Body of the print line type in.

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(Amount > 0);


The same code as you said i have writtenin the report, but it shows the same Data from table.Is there any other solution to solve this.


Hi Seshadri,

Is it possible that there are small values in Amount? e.g. 0.003 with not skip but print as 0.00 if two decimals place set.

what is the design of the report?

Is amount a flowfield - if so you may need to issue a CALCFIELD command.