Report Layout different in dot matrix

hi guys,

i have a report when printed to 2 separate printer produce different layout…

in a laser printer, its a4(thats what i want), but in a dot matrix printer it goes to the second page !



On your dot matrix printer, your report is splitted in 2 pages, meaning something is printed on the 2 pages ?

if it’s the case, you should check your printer driver setup, may be a margin definition problem

If your first page is blank and your report printed on the second page, you can try to reinstall your dot matrix printer driver and/or checking if something is done in your report’s code : may be design management in updateDesign() or fetch() methods, if your use printJobSettings class in your report, there may be something wrong in it

hope it helps,



sorry, I’m in the wrong forum, I believed it was in Dynamics AX 2009, just check your printer driver setup