Report Layout Change

Hi Experts,

I created one Report Using Financial Reports (Accounts Schedule). I did correctly Setup both Row Definition and Column Definition.

When I tried to Run The Report , The Coulumn definition Have more column so it have to Print on the Second Page. ROW DEFINITION only printed on the First Page.

My Requirement is ,I want to Print the Row Definition In the Second Page Too. How can I Do that?

Have you considered changing the orientation to Landscape and narrowing the columns to fit?

Hi , Thanks For the Answer.

But the Report Layout is Already Landscape Oriented.

May be easier to kick the report out to Excel and format it there using freeze columns.

I’m not aware of a way out of the box to accomplish what you want.

Hi Kristen,
Thank You For the Response.
I somehow find out a Way To Change the layout of the RDLC File in the Microsoft Report Builder.

I just Added the Line Description Data Item To the Page Group.

And it worked.

Thank You For Your Time.