Report Layout Anomalie

Hi all, I have report designed with standard fonts for its objects, which is Helvetica, and other standard properties configuration. When I previewed it, it appears perfectly fine, all sections & objects are shown completely. But when it is imported into the customer’s database, he complained that report does not show complete figure. For example, sub total figures are truncated. I told him to send me a screen shot of it and I noticed that the font displayed in his preview differ from the font set in the report. What could possibly cause this problem? I suspect it’s the client’s internal Windows appearance/font configuration. But I failed to simulate the problem in my own computer. Anyone, please advise if you have a solution. Thank you very much.

Maybe you can use one of these suggestions? Navision isn’t able to do a preview if no printer is installed in Windows. So different printers might lead to differten results? On my system Helvetica isn’t installed as a font. According to the registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Font Mapping] Helvetica is mapped to Arial.