Report - KeepWithNext property


I have a dataitem on a report with header, body and footer sections.

I want all sections to be on the same page, and disallow to break the sections of the same dataitem (e.g. body is on first page, and footer is on the second one is not good)

I tried KeepWithNext property, but it seems to me that it is only refers for the same type of sections, in this case e. g. two body sections. Right?

Is there any property to set this?

Thanks a lot,


You need to adjust your sections doing font re sizing ,removing unnecessary space,removing unnecessary sections.

I cannot do this.

This is an invoice report, and the dataitem I have problem with is VAT Counter.

There are different number of rows on each invoice, so it can not be predictable where VAT Counter will be.

That’s why I need this sections to stay together, and if there is not enough space on the first page, they should be moved together to the next page.

Just have look at the standard report 206 Sales Invoice…

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean…

Which part should I look at?