Report issue


I have done a report with programable sections.

in one programable section we have records.

according to ther records the structure is changing.

how can i make this one static.

Thanks in advance


Hi Sunil,

what you want make static
you are adding any control in the runtime…

in the report programable section i have controls.

acording to the more lines structure is changing.

how can make this static.I mean to say if 3 record report structure is ok…

if it goes more than 3 lines bottom section and programable section wr the fields are there that section is expandin.

Hi Sunil,

What my understanding from u saying is

Means you want fix the data(no of lines) in the programmable section…

If you want to fix the number of lines
then first thing u decide is how many lines you want fix.
For example: you want to fix 3 lines
take a counter variable and increment everytime
check the condition that
if(CounterVariable == 4)
counterVariable = 0;

thanks for your info,

But my requirement is the programable section is hight is increasing and decresing according to ther lines…

according to I can restric the lines…

but even though the hight of section is changing any solution for this…can i fix the progra section hight.

Thanks in advance


there is a property ‘Height’ for the ‘programmable section’…try with it …