Report issue BC SaaS

Hi All,

In BC SaaS, I am running a customize report after Bank Reco posting and saving it to a drive.

But now what issue I am facing is,

in preview and pdf saved manually from preview is giving all values.

but the pdf saved by code is giving some values and some are missing.

  1. this is report preview

  1. manually saved pdf from preview

  1. pdf saved by code

Code written for saving pdf is below.

BankNo := Rec.“Bank Account No.”;
StatementNo := Rec.“Statement No.”;
StatementDate := Rec.“Statement Date”;
LastStatementBal := Rec.“Balance Last Statement”;
StatementEndBal := Rec.“Statement Ending Balance”;


BankAcReconclLine.SetRange(“Bank Account No.”, BankNo);
BankAcReconclLine.SETRANGE(“Statement No.”, StatementNo);
BankReco.GetInput(BankNo, StatementNo, StatementDate, LastStatementBal, StatementEndBal);

FileName := 'E:\Bank Reco Statement of ’ + BankNo + StatementNo + ‘.pdf’;

TempBlob.CreateOutStream(BlobOutStream, TEXTENCODING::UTF8);
Report.SaveAs(50000, ‘’, ReportFormat::Pdf, BlobOutStream, RecRef);
FileMgt.BLOBExport(TempBlob, FileName, true);

Code saving the report in pdf but some values are not coming.
The values which are not coming all are in header.
Can someone help me or guide me where I am doing wrong? Where is code going wrong? or is it a layout issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

Anybody faced this type of issue any time?

Thanks in Advance