Report is taking more time for execution in Ax40

Hi all,

One of my client is using Ax4.0 .

Just wanted to know how long does the report in Ax4.0 takes to display 25000 records?

This is a customized report and I have checked there is no need for any optimization in the code.

There is also sufficient space in the database server.

I tried restarting the Database server and also deleted the index file.

But no use. the report is taking too much time to display the records.

Any idea if such voluminous records are supported in Ax4.0 for reports?


Hi Anitha,

I want to know whether the report is heavily customized or normally.

If it is heavily customized - The execution time will depends on “Best Practices U followed in writing the code”

If it is normally customized - then let me know more about ur report

Just find the execution time using x++ code in fetch() Note: If it is customized

TimeInMS startTime, endTime;

startTime = WinAPI::getTickCount();

//… Code…

endTime = WinAPI::getTickCount();


how much time is too much time? AX prepares reports for printing (file or screen) by first creating it in memory, so if the server doesn’t have sufficient memory, this will slow the printing.

Customization has been done on the report GL->Ledger Transaction List.

We have added only two new fields in the report for the user to enter start date and end date …

I tried to run the report for a single ledger account for the financial year.

It has 8500 records.took 3hrs to generate the report.

Where should I look further for this issue?

Hi Anitha,

It will take hardly not more than 20min to generate that report and I think there is no proper indexing in the code to generate the report. Its better to provide the proper indexing and sql performance tuning to.