Report is not running only for 1 company out of 100 companies.

Hi All,

I have a database in which there are about100 companies. In this for one particular report for which excel buffer automation option is there is not working for only one company. For all other companies that report is working fine.

For this particular company it was throwing error as " Excel buffer already exists at X Row & X Column"

Please help me in solving this.

Thank U

Not sure what you are looking for. The report is trying to insert a record into Excel Buffer and the primary key (row, column) already exists. I’d imagine it is a custom report so you’ll need to debug the report yourself.

Try running table 370… if there are records in the table there then the likelyhood is that the report is using the Excel Buffer Record variable but not set as temporary.

You can use the Excel Buffer directly, however, I would recommend that its used as a temporary table instead.

The issue could also be that the code used to generate the records in the buffer is duplicating a records primary key.


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