Report in Navision

I need to create some report for my customer’s request but Navision is poor design tools. Can you give me some hit on how to improve or How to add on Crystal Report into Navision.

[:|] could you tell as the report you wanna get?, maybe we can help you using NAV reports…

Thank for galletin’s reply. for example, I want to draw some object same Crystal Report such as line, format etc. I mean, I like to more object for design report in NAV.

Hi Tran,

thought you called about problems getting data. It’s known NAV reports are still very poor with graphic affairs, to display lines, rectangles, etc., you can use the “Shape”, and a simple trick to show colors is using PictureBox controls with BLOB pictures.

Anyway if you wanna use Crystal Reports you can program Automation, take a look to this posts to initiate on this and be patience [8-|]