Report in ax 2009

Hello Friends,

Now i want to create a report,

company name Pkg itemId qty amt Rate

ABC XY 1 2 100 10
2 4 160 60
3 7 200 100

but, when we add a body on report and adding above field on body the the output is show below

ABC XY 1 2 100 10
ABC XY 2 4 160 60
ABC XY 3 7 200 100

Please help me

You can set the visible property of Company name and pkg to ‘false’ at fetch method while the company doesen’t change.


For your report, please group by Company name and Pkg, so that they will get sorted and then go to report’s group property and set property repeat group header as false. In design, place company name and pkg along the details section so it will not come as header as well as it will not repeat too.