Report Header

Hi All, I have a one Report. The Details are getting printed in 2 sheets. Issue is - The Header is not getting printed in all the sheets. I set the Property in the header - print on every page = “Yes”. Still Iam not able to see the header in report. Any one has any idea y I am not able to get the header… I have to look for something in the Code…? Regards Ram

If u r using more then one header section, then make sure that print on every page property for all the header section should be yes. Oterwise the header will not be printed on all the pages. Cheers Girish

Already all the headers are set to “Yes” for Print on every page property. Still I am not getting the header in all pages

Have you solved the Problem? Look for “CurrReport.Showoutput(…);” in The OnPreSection-Trigger of the Header-Section. Greetings, Frank


Hello, I too have the same problem with my report. I have already defined the above code in the presection trigger but when I compile my object returns an error to me.

Hi, What type of error it returns

Hi, Printing of Header on every page will depend upon the design of report and link of dataitems.Check the logic of printing the details.