report generation

hai one and all,

i am generating a report in navision,

it consits of fields of budgetline item,approved budget,cumilative prior,this prior,cumilative to date,unspent,%.

i am using g/l account table

in budgetline item-source expression is (budgeted amount)

approved budget,-source expression is (actual)

cumilative prior-source expression is (actual)

this prior,-source expression is (actual)

i am getting actual(amount) in cumilative prior and this prior,

but my requirement is that i need to get total fields for this cumilative and this prior(i have taken footer for this and given source expression as actual),even though i am not getting the total field in footer i showing 0.00 in total field …

is there is any property we have to set for this report.

i am attaching the report what i have generated.

Did you try to add those fields in TotalFields property of G/L Account table?

ya i tried,

in total field field proprty of the report i have added even though i am not getting ,it showing 0.00

Are the fields by any chance FlowFields?

the field(actual) is a flow field

Did you add the field in CalcFields property also?

ya i have added in calcfilelds also eve though i am not

so How many dataitems you have and in which dataitem footer did you add?

Do you want the total of all dataitems or only one dataitem?

i have same table (g/.l account) three times as shown below i want cumprior(g/l account),thisperiod(g/l account) total in footer5861.ggg.PNG

you need total of cumprior and thisperiod dataitems?

Like if you have 100 in cumprior and 200 in thisperiod then 300 in footer?

if yes, take a global decimal variable and calculate the the total manually

i have cumprior dataitem(g/l account) and this prior(g/l account) and i need individuals total in footer section as shown below

Can you show us the sections screenshot also?

ya here it is

i have written code like this as shown below it is generating values but it was not showing total in footer section

CumPrior - OnPreDataItem()

CumPrior.SETFILTER(CumPrior.“Date Filter”,’<%1’,SDate);

ThisPeriod - OnPreDataItem()

ThisPeriod.SETFILTER(ThisPeriod.“Date Filter”,’%1…%2’,SDate,EDate);

Report - OnPreReport()

SDate := “G/L Account”.GETRANGEMIN(“G/L Account”.“Date Filter”);

EDate := “G/L Account”.GETRANGEMAX(“G/L Account”.“Date Filter”);

1 ) even though i have removed footer and kept groupfooter in sections it was not getting the totalvalues,the output is as same(0.00).

2 )even though i have removed footer and kept groupfooter in sections it was not getting the totalvalues,the output is as same(0.00).and i have written some piece of code

CumPrior - OnAfterGetRecord()


ThisPeriod - OnAfterGetRecord()


I hope problem is you set to maintain the totals for one dataitem and expecting result from other dataitems.

please create decimal variable and add the values to it manually each time…

i removed footer there by i kept group footer in the place of footer in sections now ,the footer section is not visible state,can i know what is the reason ragarding this

please kindly give me any suggestion

i am not getting the total field in footer section ,can any one please look after this…

i have tried in the above manner what i have specified