Report generate using filter


I have following fields in report. i.e product code, product name, product cost

if i select 1 product i need to generate the report which has lowest product cost.

please guide me.


What kind of report you are using? 2009 0r 2012 version ? Are u using dialog for those filter values or query value? …Please give the full info

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I use Navision 2009 R2 Classic report,

I use only field filter from request form and in this field filter if select one product it will display low cost product.

please guide me.

Low cost product means based on Product Cost?

Yes, i have totally 3 table

  1. product table(product code, product name)

  2. supplier table(supplier code, name)

  3. product supplier (product code, prod_name, supplier_code, prod_cost)

And finally report in this report using the filter we select 1 product the report generate the lowest product cost from supplier list in this report .

Please help me.

What dataitem did you select in report?

hope it is Product Supplier table

Add proper key in table with Prod-Cost and sort the table with the above key and get the low cost…