Report From ProdTable.....?

Hi All,

I have a report to display data of a selected PurchLine in PurchTable Form.

From PurchTable Form after selecting a PurchLine (form Lines) by clicking a Button (CommandButton) this report will open.

The same after clickng a CommandButton i want to open the same report for the selected Production Order from ProdTable Form…?

Share your Suggestions…

Thanks In Advance…[:)]


What exactly are you trying to achieve?


I have a Report created using PurchLine DataSource.

Now i want to link that report to ProdTable Form

It should display data of the selected Production Order ( Means Selected ProdID )

Coz we have ProdTable.ProdId = PurchLine.InventRefId

You can create a menuItembutton(calls the report) on the ProdTable form and set the data source as ProdTable.Now you can receive the record in the report init() method using following code

ProdTable prodTableObj;

After receiving the record you can fetch any value of ProdTable record.