Report from item to obtain quantity by PO


we would like to generate a report that show, by item, how much we bought on a purchase order

by example :

500064781 - A00170000 - quantity : 2 - date : 15 sept.2014

  • A00180000 - quantity : 3 - date : 20 sept. 2014

  • A00190000 - quantity : 15 - date : 15 dec. 2014

Is there any report that can shows this kind of information ?

we don’t want to use 2-3 report to put into an excell sheet.

we would like to have 1 report showing all informations we need.

Thank you for your help


Hello Vanessa,

You can use the Item/supplier statistics report located in the procurement and sourcing module.
This will give you an overview of which items and quantities you bought from which supplier over a specified period.
No actual delivery dates nor PO numbers.

Kind regards,