Report for Members with picture and signature


am trying to design a report that will hell me generate all members whose account has a indentification picture and a signature.

kindly help come up with this in microsoft dynamics nav 2016.

thank you



Are you trying to create report based on Customers or Users ?

Check this link on designing simple report :…/dd355179(v=nav.90).aspx

hi sowkarthika

yea they are the customers.

thank you for the feedback.

Hey mercymugambi,

You just want to generate the list of all customers who have picture and signature or you want to generate them with there pictures and signatures?

You can add these field in Customer List and click on export to excel for report.

hey Rock with nav!

yes please. i want generate the list of all customers with picture and signature and on that report, it should also generate them on there respective field…

help me with the code for this please. you seem to have the idea.

thank you!

hey amol!

i want to generate a nav report before i go excel

As Amol suggest, then easiest way to create a new report is NOT to create a new, but to copy an existing report. That way you don’t have to do all the “basics” each time. And especially in your example.
Much easier to copy and edit. Personally then I cannot remember when I last created a report by F3. Always a copy to start with.

Hallo erik

The client am working for insists for nav generated one, then it will be easy for them to print in pdf

Ehh yes? Even if you copy a report in NAV then its still generated by NAV…

yes! thank you erik

Great day too!

Is your problem Solved??

yes! this is the code sample i was looking for:

Add following code to the trigger “Sales Invoice Header – OnAfterGetRecord()”:
// local variables
// customer | record | Customer
IF SalesSetup.“Logo Position on Documents” =
SalesSetup.“Logo Position on Documents”::Right THEN BEGIN
customer.GET(“Sell-to Customer No.”);
IF customer.Picture.HASVALUE THEN
CompInfoRight.Picture := customer.Picture;
CompInfoRight.Picture := CompanyInfo2.Picture;


I dint saw SalesSetup.GET anywhere. I hope you must have had written this. :slight_smile: