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Hello guys, i am a beginner in creating Navision Report. I have a new report that contains the Sales Invoice Header and Sales Invoice Lines as data items, my problem is that i want to have a report footer section. how can I do that? Hope you guys can help me, thank you.

hi pamela,

You can degisn the footer in the section of a report.

Go----> report------>view------>section------>F3----------> select the table and footer here:)

Hello Shona,

Thank you, it works.

my pleasure:)



I have another question shona, if you wouldn’t mind. how can i make my report like the 2nd image. because every time i draw a line in the detail the box’s size becomes small when there are only few items.

Are you saying that you want the space shown there? then you can use integer loop in while designing.

report---------->design-------------> here you will have sales invoice header & sales invoice line. add integer here.

Or if you want the side margins in your report then you can do like this.

report------design----------->section---------->tools---------------> use shapes from here. then go to the properity of the shape box, set the width to 40.

How can i loop the added integer data items to fill up the blank sections after the sales invoice lines have been printed?

3108.loop.bmp (2.25 MB)4762.sales.bmp (2.25 MB)


as you can see i have attached the designer section here. do as it is done there. indent your objects like this and design it with integer.

i have done only an example do as you want ,keeping this as an example:)

All the best:)

but i want the looping section to be printed after the sales invoice line?

are you saying you are taking the values from sales invoice line?

then indent it like this

----> sales invoice header

----------> sales invoice line

----------------> integer

sorry for so many questions hope you understand, but what i want to happen is like this. In my report i want the sales lines to have side borders. so i place a vertical line in the line section like this.

what’s happening to my report whenever i have a few items only is this

what i want is, i want the border line to continue until it reach the report footer. like this

2211.sect.bmp (2.25 MB)

design like this you will get the lines:)

what had happened was it continuously generated infinite pages

if you wouldn’t mind here’s my fob file you can try to import it and see what it looks like.

i will see what i can do:)

dear you have sent me what object? i want both the table and its corresponding report. and can you also say what is the ID no?

Sorry i got it.

Thank you very much… Time for me to go home it’s already 6 pm here in the Philippines

Thank you very much… Till tomorrow

you will have to write code for that side border lines to appear in your last page. the borders are not appearing becuase your record got over.

try using something like

if find (’-’) then


i not sure about the codings. it should come something like this.

i have done some correction. And did it without integer usage itself!