Report Footer Section

I am attempting to produce a custom invoice report with a stub at the bottom. I have a section for the detail lines and the 2 section footers for the sales invoice line. The first one totals the sales lines. The second is forced to print at the bottom and is the stub. My problem is as soon as I have the last section forced to print at the bottom the one above it prints at the bottom also – even though it is set not to. I have tried every permutation of the properties for these to sections with no success.

I usually use a table 2000000026 called heltal in Danish (probably called Integer in the Worldwide edition(?)) for this purpouse. The Settableview for Integer-table should be: SORTING NUMBER where number=CONST(1) which causes this item to run only once before the report continues. It varies a bit where this DataItem should be put in the hierarchy/indentations, depending on how you use your DataItems/DataItemLinks/GroupTotalFields etc. - If you, for instance, only use Detail Lines as DataItem you probably should indent these into the Integer DataItem, then make a footer for the Integer DataItem and put the stub in there (with the property placeinbottom=yes). Good luck.